Choose from a huge selection of firearms and exploding targets, to fully customize YOUR ultimate shooting experience!


Blow Stuff Up in Vegas with Automatic Weapons!  100% Pure Adrenaline Rush! Our team of military weapons and explosive experts will customize a day that you’ll never forget! Imagine picking up a Barrett .50 Caliber or a Humvee mounted Browning M2 DEUCE and taking aim at targets packed with explosives! Blow it Up Vegas packs a punch that no other place in Las Vegas can deliver because you are in control and can pick and choose from an extensive menu of firearms, crossbows and targets to fit your budget, time frame and ultimate shooting adventure. With prices starting at $299.95 there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Blow it Up Vegas offers over 35 different exotic and automatic firearms including the military’s big .50 caliber machine gun The Browning M2HB "THE DEUCE", Barrett M82A1 & M107A1 Sniper Rifles, The Desert Eagle .50 Cal, grenade launchers and a huge assortment of pistols, shotguns, rifles and tactical crossbows. PLUS….On our exclusive outdoor private shooting facility you can choose to Blow up cars, exploding targets including watermelons, zombie torsos and ballistic gel heads like you’ve seen on TV.

We have a fully stocked inventory of targets and explosives and we can even customize targets for your Enhanced Shooting Pleasure (E.S.P.) Our professional team of military firearms and demolitions experts will supervise your ultimate Las Vegas experience by letting you fire military weapons with LIVE ammunition BLOW STUFF UP in a supervised and safe environment.

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A week-long vacation in Las Vegas can be a dream come true for many. Without a clear idea of all the available attractions the Sin City can fail to give you a trip to remember for a lifetime. The casinos sure can consume a day or two and can make your wallet a lot thicker if you play your cards well. Or you can hang around and check a few of the 17 dozen acrobat shows that can mesmerize you for a bit. But for the more adventurous blasting a bunch of rounds from a 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle and Blowing Up A Car will set the trip off right.

One of Vegas’ newest additions to long list of attractions is an uber cool upscale designed shooting tour. Here, you are offered a menu of exotic guns and exploding targets! Welcome to We provide you an exclusive selection of high caliber firearms, full-auto machine guns and explosives to ignite your  appetite for destruction.

World travelers and adventure seekers are given the rare opportunity to use our arsenal to shoot high caliber guns like the 50 Caliber Barrett Sniper Rifle, The M2 "Deuce" and blow to pieces a wide range of targets in a safe and controlled environment under professional supervision. We provide a wide range of targets like exploding zombies, seasonal melons, automobiles and even ballistic gel torsos that are fun to blow to smitherenes.

Our huge collection of firearms include machine guns like Ak-47's, 50 Cal Desert Eagles, M4, 1919's and an assortment of hand guns, rifles and shotguns to chose from. We offer our guests the unique ability to customize shooting experiences. Select your date, firearms, targets and explosives and transportation including helicopters and limousines to the indoor and outdoor shooting locations. Our explosive events are great for any group size. We extend our services to every type of event possible like corporate challenges, bachelor parties, marriage functions and even team building activities.

We offer packages of all kinds and sizes to suit your budget and shooting desires. Wheteher indoor or outdoor or a combination of the two, there are shooting packages for everybody – from a wide range of historical artifacts like the Thompson machine gun for the ladies and kids, first-time shooter, to the latest machine guns used by the Navy SEALs. There is a VIP range with exclusive shooting options and targets that are sure to take you to extremes of thrill and fascination. This is once in a lifetime experience for international visitors from countries where guns are banned. It's a thrill to touch, feel and fire a real firearm at exploding target without special permits or requirements. With a compulsive mix of tactical fantasy and thrill of shooting, our guests are typically more interested in moving far away from the usual casino tables of Las Vegas into the wide open desert for shooting and blowing stuff up.

Haven’t pulled a trigger ever before? Behold your worries as offers you a professional, but fun environment to test your shooting skills with your friends and family. We cater to all level of shooters and provide eyes and ears, protection, training and dedicated step-by-step instruction through the entire process. All said, should be your first choice for truly explosive experience in Las Vegas.